To edit the homepage page you need to go to CMS> Static Block

Homepage slider banner:
- click on show/hide editor orange button. (highlight the image code and re-add new image, remember to change link if required.)  ( Note for future developers:This use javascript to slide, as other extensions may interact with other javascript from Magento version 1.4- this version of magento has lots of bugs.)

Homepage bottom right:
- edit image in table.Right images for fashion trends should always have image position in 'middle' to get alignment correct.
this is the code to paste in Edit image>Apperance tab> Style> vertical-align: middle; padding: 5px 0 0 5px;
if using design view. So you can delete the image and readd new one, just make sure the above alignment & padding code is placed and you will not have any issues.

Note: Before changing these, ensure you copy html code and paste in word document for back up incase you mess anything up.

Code for new page headings H1:

<div id="headingbg">
<h1 class="pagetitle" style="margin: 8px 90px;">TYPE PAGE NAME HERE</h1>

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